Monday, November 3, 2014

On frustration, perseverance, and Angelic guidance

Some days can be so rewarding, and everything goes well. All seems to be magically charged, and the vision I had for a painting happens almost effortlessly, as if invisible hands were guiding mine. Angels hands to be precise. Lately I've been blessed with their presence and inspiration. I feel surrounded by their love and guidance, and I can almost paint them with my eyes closed. Last week I was blessed with not one, but two powerful angelic beings that inspired some of my most favorite pieces to date.

I was having a particularly rough day when the most loving angel came to me and made it know that the reason angels can fly is because they take themselves lightly. What a powerful and wonderful message to come in a moment when I was doing precisely the opposite - taking myself way too seriously and feeling the full force of the negative effects that can have on someone. And so it is that after allowing her loving presence to enter my heart and convey that message, she practically painted herself.

I had a really wonderful time experimenting with colored pencils and matte acrylic paints on wood. I found buried in a trunk, a ton of small wooden plaques I got from Michael's some years ago and haven't really used much since. What a lovely surface to work on, the colored pencils lay really nice on that slightly textured surface, and layer really well over Ranger acrylic paint dabbers, which are a really super matte acrylic paint.

I very much needed that message reinforced, obviously. A couple of days later and I was feeling that heaviness in my heart again. And so it happens that another angelic being came to me in yet another attempt to lighten my heart. And as I was painting her, that meme from the Buddha you see on my IPad in the picture, appeared on my newsfeed. Ha! It would appears that I needed the whole troops to get the message delivered! Point taken :) By the time I finished Gabrielle, the other angel that came to me, it was quite clear that I had understood that in every heart awaits your angel. So true! 

She was a real pleasure to paint. I had fun with so many different materials, sheer heaven for a mixed media artist and art supply addict LOL! I got a chance to use several of my favorites, including several stencils and stamps I had never used before, as well as my lovely Angelina fibers, which I haven't used in a very long time. And of course there had to be stars, lots of starts on her hair. How I enjoy that part of the process! And I got to use my new Stewart Gill Metamica paint. What a delicious and shimmery metallic paint that is! Quite possibly my favorite metallic paint ever. Now of course I need to get more colors! As if I needed a reason or an excuse to get even more paint :) 

Of course after such a tremendous amount of activity in the studio, the whole place was quite a gigantic mess that required some clean up and organization pronto! Should be quite a tedious task, but alas, cleaning up the studio is always such a magical opportunity to find things I haven't used in a while and even find things I had completely forgotten I had. And so it came to be that my tidying up became a trip to the art store, without spending a penny LOL! I did indeed find quite a bit of things I hadn't seen in a while, and some I had never used (and didn't even remember I have!). Now, armed with a whole new lot of supplies, and having everything so handy and easy to reach, I am more enthused than ever to create. I can't help it, the angels keep surrounding me, and I simply adore that moment when they gently whisper in my heart "please, let me come through" and in that canvas forgotten in a dusty corner of my studio, the magic begins to happen.

Until next time, have a wonderful week, lovely ones. Stay creative and be happy :)