Monday, November 10, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year

It's been really a busy weekend in the studio, making super cute Christmas ornaments, and having a blast with Megan Suarez's Whimsy Winter and Christmas Ornaments workshops. Loving every second of it!

The holiday season has officially began at Chez Scarlett and my creative space is brimming with activity and the lovely atmosphere that comes this time of the year. I just love everything about the weeks that lead to Christmas. The brisk and chilly air filled with the smells of warm spices and sugar cookies, the decorations on the main streets, the holiday music playing everywhere. It's just wonderful!

I started the ornaments as ATC's, and I wasn't sure if I was even going to make the ornaments in the beginning, but I just couldn't help myself. After watching the videos and seeing Megan pull out her beads and charms, the allure of it was such that I just had to get all my jewelry making tools out and dig in that big jar of charms I have collect over the years. That and the thought of melting beeswax and having that sweet smell of honey filling the air just made me want to turn the little cards into ornaments so bad I just couldn't resist!

Here are the ornaments before they became such. I had the most amazing time drawing those big eyed cuties. I've been meaning to give big eyed girls a try for such a long time but never came around to doing it. When I found Megan's art and classes, I was so enchanted I just had to get some of her workshops. I still have some of my birthday money left so why not use it for something I could truly enjoy? I have to say it was money well spent! I'm truly enjoying this process and I only wish I could add more hours to the days LOL! I'm completely enamored of drawing these big eyed cutesies :) Aren't they just adorable?

Those two big eyed cuties are from the Whimsy Winter workshop, but after watching the Christmas ornaments, I just had to combine both! I was eager to play with the beads and beeswax, so I had no patience to start with the other projects from scratch. So after properly glitterizing and beeswaxing, and of course adding super adorable charms and beads, and chains to hang, they became ornaments :)

I did have to stop in the middle of everything once I realized that my regular hole punch wouldn't work on the thick chipboard I adhered the ATC's to. After a quick run to Michael's, which of course is never a bad thing LOL, I came back to the studio with not only a Crop-a-dile to do the job, but a few other bits and bobs. Of course I wouldn't go to Michael's and buy ONLY the thing I went there for to begin with!

Now with all the supplies I needed, I finished the ornaments. One has beeswax, the other just lots and lots of glitter. Everything is better when it shimmers and shines, but I do love the dreamy vintage-y feel that the beeswax imparts so I will be doing lots more of it for sure!

Oh well, now we come to Monday, and the weekdays are a bit more complicated since I can't spend as much time in the studio. That being said, every single spare minute I have WILL be spent in my sanctuary making ornaments galore. I'm so completely hooked!!! This morning I got a few more started, and here they are in various stages of completion. Can hardly wait to finish work so I can go home and continue playing :)

Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful week and stay creative lovelies!