Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Angels in my Studio

It's been quite a busy week since my last post. I got quite a bit done and was able to cross off a lot of things on my to do list! *Gasp* That is quite a surprise! It probably has to do with the fact that now my to do list lives in my new beautiful Filofax planner. I am so loving this whole Filofaxing thing, which is quite big as a matter of fact. I even joined a couple of Facebook groups dedicated to sharing cute decorated Filofax pages. Ah! One more thing to have fun with, and of course, shop for :)

Meanwhile in the studio,  a lot happened as well. I'm still enjoying drawing and painting my whimsical girls on old book pages, and I finished two more over the weekend. A sweet little angel, and a very holiday inspired girl.

Here's Imogen, the Angel of Possibility. I was having a moment of despair when this sweet angel came to me with her lovely message, telling me that anything is possible, if only you open yourself to the possibilities. Angelic energy is quite amazing, it works in such magical ways, I am very grateful for this message, delivered right when I needed the most! Imogen can be yours, she's up on my website now :)

This next girl I call The Spirit of Yule. I wasn't really planning to take her in that direction, but she had a mind of her own, and so it came to be that she did have a message to deliver. The holiday season can be quite stressful so she is here to tell me to take things easy and just relax!

Those are some pictures showing the process.  After distressing the book page and adhering to scrapbook paper + thick watercolor paper, and sewing it all together (you can see the whole process in detail in my previous post), I sketched and shaded her face with pencil.

When I was happy with the shading, I started to add highlights with gesso, and paint her eyes and lips with a combination of Prismacolor colored pencils and Golden fluid acrylics.

I finished by painting her hair and flowers with acrylics, and adding the vines and details to frame her and bring the whole thing together. I also tinted the sides of the watercolor paper with Tim Holtz Distress Stains. Of course I had to add some glitter. Nothing is really done unless it gets to sparkle :) You can see her on my website.

So the past week was very busy and productive, but also extremely stressful on the work front. I desperately needed the weekend to come so I could unwind and really dedicate myself solely to my art. When my workday finally came to an end on Friday (earlier than usual, lucky for me!) I told myself I wouldn't leave my "cave" for nothing! Except for a trip to Michael's Saturday morning in the.company of one of my dearest sistas. We had such a great time shopping and then enjoying a nice cup of coffee and chatting over it at Starbucks. We got some seriously good sales and also had two juicy coupons to top if off. And I can hardly believe I actually stayed within the budget I had set for that shopping trip! ...Well, maybe a few dollars over :) Here's all the goodies I got! Lots of new cling stamps, stickers, trims, washi tape, and self inking stamps, all for my Filofax, more scrapbook papers (there can never be enough scrapbook paper!), beads, charms, wooden plaques, and glitter. Lots and lots of glitter! Oh so much fun!

Of course when I came back home I was all fired up and ready to create. That's the (awesome) side effect of getting new art stuff! I was even able to salvage an angel I thought was ruined, and started (and finished) another one, using one of the new wooden plaques I bought at Michaels.

I call her Celine, the Angel of Trust. She's available on my website. Again, I received her wonderful message right when my heart needed the most. She was there to remind me to simply trust the process, trust my instinct, trust that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do, trust that I am indeed going in the right direction. I am quite pleased with how she turned out. I used just two mediums for this painting - four colors of Ranger Paint Dabbers, which are a very matte acrylic paint (essential for the colored pencils to work since they won't go over glossy paint like Golden for example. It needs to be matte, so any craft acrylic paint would do), and Prismacolor colored pencils. Keeping things simple. And of course, I had to finish it with glitter. I used some of my newly acquired Recollections glitter (the stars) and some Stampendous Shaved Ice, and of course, my favorite, Glamour Dust. 

I also started a couple of  book page girls, another ornament, and have yet to finish two angels that are at different stages of completion. But those will go on this week's to do list and will probably be the subject of my next blog post. Until then, stay creative and have a wonderful week! And for my friends and readers in the United States, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!