Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You can always teach a new trick to an old dog

I've always been a big fan of pastels, in all of its glorious forms - soft, hard, pencils, Pan pastels, all of them. It's probably my favorite medium second only (or probably right alongside) watercolor.

Being a mixed media artist, of course I love playing with every medium there is, not all of which I necessarily love to bits. Some I use only for small accents, others in equal combination. But when it comes to using only ONE medium in a piece, it'll always either be watercolor or pastel. Those are the mediums I understand the most. I know my way around them, their tricks and troubles, and I can totally work with the good and the bad of both. Maybe because they were the first materials I worked with, way back before the explosion of mixed media, at least the way is today. Back then I did combine both, and sometimes added colored pencils, and ink as well, so I suppose that is also mixed media, but not in the "Somerset esque" way we understand mixed media to be today.

Anyways, I digress. The point of this post is that even though I have been working with pastels for quite a number of years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a couple of new ways to use this versatile medium, in the Facecinating girls (volume 2) class. Andrea once again delighted me with her super thorough lesson, beautifully taught as always. I absolutely LOVED watching her created a couple of her cute Facecinating girls with this most beloved medium. I've always worked with it on my wildlife and pet portraits, so it was heaven to learn new ways to use it when applying it to skin tones. 

Because pastel is a fairly quick medium, especially since there's no drying time, and in this case in particular, not many layers, I was able to get three girls done in one morning. Loved experimenting with different papers as well, kraft paper for the blue haired girl, Mi Teintes paper for the red haired, and tinted Bockingford watercolor paper for the pink girl. And because the latter was on watercolor paper, I was able to dissolve the pastel and create that watercolor look on  her hair. I couldn't love pastels any more if I tried!

I can't wait to play some more! The weekend cannot come soon enough! 

Have nice hump day!