Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick "Uber Busy Life" sketches

Today was a bit of a crazy busy day and I didn't have time to be in my studio doing some art journaling, at least not the way I love to. But that doesn't mean no art was made. I always carry a sketchbook or drawing pad everywhere, and my favorite pencils - a couple of charcoal and graphite pencils, a few Prismas and a one or two Col-Erase (my favorite for sketching due to how easily they erase (thus the name) and how "smudgeable" they are).

It's amazing the amount of drawing that can get done in a single day if we take every opportunity we can to just sketch. I spend a lot of time commuting, waiting in line, waiting rooms, etc. I waste no time, and as soon as I have a few minutes I pull my sketchbook out. And today, courtesy of the New York City subway system and their tremendously slow way of dealing with a fire on the tracks, my ride was greatly delayed. Without my drawing pad I would most likely be extremely aggravated and cursing wildly under my breath, you know, just your typical New Yorker :-) Instead, I accepted the fact that I was going to be late and just relaxed.

After 45 minutes waiting for the train to finally move, I had finished sketching this lovely girl with a magenta Col-Erase on my favorite Strathmore tan sketch pad. I think she turned out great actually, and I just love her sweet expression. I'm thinking that maybe she needs to be transferred to one of my art journals so I can give her the full mixed media "party" she deserves! Can hardly wait for the weekend so I can play in the studio.

Have a wonderful Friday. Just thinking of all the arty fun I'm going to have, I know I will :-)